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Diamonds Are Forever. Das neue Album der amerikanischen Rockband Legs Diamond rotiert seit einiger Zeit in meinem Player. Die Band feiert in diesem Jahr​. This item:Diamonds Are Forever by John Barry Audio CD £ Only 7 left in stock Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 21 April Verified Purchase. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Diamonds Are Forever at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Diamonds are Forever (James Bond ): Fleming, Ian, Foden, Giles: I'm not convinced by Victor's review that the villains lack menace and it is​. Achtung, Achtung: Bevor ich zum eigentlichen Review des ersten richtigen LEGS DIAMOND-Albums seit (The Wish) komme, habe ich.

Diamonds Are Forever Review

DVD-Review: Connerys Abschied - OutNow hat «James Bond - Diamonds Are Forever ()» für dich angesehen. Diamonds are Forever (James Bond ): Fleming, Ian, Foden, Giles: I'm not convinced by Victor's review that the villains lack menace and it is​. Yet, such reviews appear in hindsight to have been inevitable. So, today, I'm reviewing “Diamonds are Forever” just because I really like Las Vegas and the. Online-Musik-Magazin im Bereich Metal, Rock und Gothic mit News,Reviews, Liveberichten, Interviews und Hintergrundartikeln. Diamonds Are Forever Shirt- Frottee-Hemd In Matchstick Ob Sie vorhaben, die Welt zu retten, oder einfach nur auf Entdeckungsreise gehen möchten – in. DVD-Review: Connerys Abschied - OutNow hat «James Bond - Diamonds Are Forever ()» für dich angesehen. Yet, such reviews appear in hindsight to have been inevitable. So, today, I'm reviewing “Diamonds are Forever” just because I really like Las Vegas and the. Diamonds Are Forever Book Review von Calvin Dyson vor 1 Jahr 17 Minuten Aufrufe This was a slog of a read It made for a good.

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The parents' guide to what's in this movie. Positive Messages. Bond drinks a glass of sherry and has a sip of whisky. One of the Bond girls smokes a cigarette.

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Adult Written by jmo97 October 21, Among the weaker Bond films, but still is entertaining Diamonds Are Forever is a very mixed bag for me: it has a weak performance by the villain, some really silly action scenes, and I didn't think this story w Continue reading.

For the all the James Bond fans, this is one of the biggest movies of , cause' it's the most exciting movie that Sean Connery did!!!!

It will hold Kid, 12 years old August 9, Best Bond Film so far Parents need to know that this film is more violent and has more sex then the previous bond films.

It is a really good film. What's the story? Continue reading Show less. Is it any good? Talk to your kids about How are the women depicted in this movie?

Are they smart? Or are they victims? Our editors recommend. Thrilling action comedy may be the best Bond. From Russia with Love.

Creative Cold War Bond thriller is best for teens and up. Best Action Movies for Kids. Adventure Movies. About these links Common Sense Media, a nonprofit organization, earns a small affiliate fee from Amazon or iTunes when you use our links to make a purchase.

Read more. Which brings us to another point - this is without doubt the least serious Bond movie ever. Blofeld dresses in drag at one stage.

Most of the supporting characters are comic relief. The sinister henchmen, Wint and Kidd, would stand out in any other movie due to their extreme black humour, but here they are just wasted.

We even see Q - in Vegas - cheating on a slot machine. At least Connery is back right? He's clearly on set, but equally clearly thinking about his next round of golf.

Even his delivery of 'Bond, James Bond' is awful. He isn't helped by some awful costume decisions, including a brown tweed suit, and a pink! Connery's huge payout for this film means everything else looks cheaper than before; by the climax you have embarrassing helicopter explosions, clearly animated, that would have been superbly detailed model shots in previous and later movies.

There is virtually nothing good to say about Diamonds. The film is so lacking in energy or excitement that only the plot manages to pull it along.

It's a series of weird and comedic scenes that hardly feel like a Bond movie in any way, and it's hard to believe this came after On Her Majesty's Sceret Service.

The film scrimps so much on the action that you are left watching a bizarre, parallel universe version of Bond where nothing remotely Bond-ish seems to happen.

It feels almost like a live-action version of a Saturday morning Bond cartoon, watered down for the kids Bond never even uses his gun.

Two plus points; Shirey Bassey's theme tune is superbly atmospheric and mysterious. Jill St John is very sexy. That's it. Connery came back, the director of Goldfinger came back, and the result was this farce.

Bogmeister 2 June The pre-credits teaser functions as an epilogue to "On Her Majesty's Secret Service," with Bond hunting his arch-nemesis, Blofeld, in a quick series of scenes throughout the world.

The filmmakers tried to recapture the best of "Goldfinger" in this one, using the same director and singer Bassey on the credits again. Ending up with even a pale imitation of the best Bonder is not such a bad thing, but it also points to the lack of originality besetting the series by this time.

The danger with all the attempts to be unusual, whether in regard to deaths or chases, is that it dips into a cutesy atmosphere a bit too far.

Those fans fond of the seriousness in the previous film would probably not be amused, since it comes across as a dark parody of the usual spy stuff.

From their very first scene in the desert, where they seem to draw inspiration from a scorpion, these two oddballs have the audience guessing on what they would do next - they are goofy, yes, but also lethal - interesting because they are somewhat original.

Bond's mission, tracking an involved diamond smuggling operation, takes him briefly to Amsterdam, but he ends up in Las Vegas for most of the story.

A subplot involves a missing billionaire, obviously patterned after Howard Hughes, who was still living as a recluse at this time. M and, especially Moneypenny, have less screen time in this one, though Q pops up in an amusing scene testing one of his gizmos on some one-armed bandits Vegas is no match for Q.

Though the scenes in Vegas itself are less exotic than those of most Bond films, the film also makes good use of the surrounding desert terrain and there are numerous grand sets, notably a huge futuristic lab building, complete with tests of a fake moon landing, as well as a house built into the rocks.

There is a good auto chase on the streets of Vegas, which has the infamous 'two-wheely' by Bond thru an alley. The two weird assassins pop up every now and then; they even have their own theme score, an eerie yet playful little tune.

One of them looks very strange Smith, a jazz musician with no acting experience , while the other actor Glover, father of Crispin Glover looks more normal but has very strange inflections to his speech.

Every time they show up, a strange tension surfaces for the viewer. Their scene has a lot of energy and you won't soon forget them.

The story is well-paced for the most part, with less of those slow spots that afflicted many of the later Bonders. However, a couple of deleted scenes with the Plenty character makes things a bit confusing for her character arc.

Connery is, of course, several years older since his last Bonder, but he looks pretty much the same as he did in "You Only Live Twice.

But Bond is still the ideal male here and it's still believable that femme fatale Tiffany falls for him by the end.

She's a curious mixture of flaky girl and worldly woman, usually flippant in her approach, sort of reflecting the trivial nature of this Bonder, where nothing happening is really of grave import.

That's why, when Blofeld's him again real plan is revealed, it's a bit out of left field; all of sudden, we see a super laser detonating missiles around the globe and everything has changed into matters of international import.

Blofeld, as played by Gray, is more urbane and effeminate than the previous two versions, more attuned to a villain planning world domination, but he's also too civilized, too polite to Bond in the climactic sequence, diffusing his threatening presence.

The climax on that oil rig sea platform in Baja is not very well done, with Blofeld's end especially disappointing he would not return, except in the teaser of "For Your Eyes Only".

But, the epilogue is excellent. Bond, but not Connery, would return in "Live and Let Die. I remember seeing this film years and years ago and always had in my mind the image of a body disappearing into bubbling mud gold mashed potato.

This film on first viewing appearts bizarre and weird but actually grows on you after several viewings. It has many weird facets - not least the background music you hear playing on the very first shots of the Willard Whyte Towers I wonder what the building really was - presumably some office block in Las Vegas , weird also the two homosexual killers who are in fact very frightening in their modus operandi, thank God they got their just desserts on the boat at the end - I was waiting for that one.

And there's old "No-neck" Charles Gray with his superb upper class english accent like me! And there's those two weird Girls Thumber and Bambi who prance around like monkeys at WW's summer house!

And there's Willard Whyte himself, God, what a strange accent he has, sound's like a 's cowboy. It seems incredible he has been locked up for five years in a flat and never managed to escape.

When I compare this film to the rubbish they put into Goldeneye and The world in not enough, I actually found it better than I thought on first viewing.

Also the plot is a bit complicated and rather disarms on first viewing. But having watched the film four times, I now find the action sequences very good, especially the shoot out on the oil-rig at the end.

Bond's female companion JSJ is absolutely gorgeous and seems to have aged well like good wine on the dvd there is an interview with her today.

So all in all I think the film will age well and gain value in time to come whereas when it came out, it was probably considered rather Obsure.

True, Connery's performance itself is less good than in previous Bonds, but the rest makes up for this.

Note also the superb theme song by Shirley Bassey and the graphically beautiful opening credits which are amongst the best of all the Bond Films M Bernard Lee assigns an under-grade mission to Bond dealing with diamonds robbing but the events go worse.

This time Bond confronts Blofeld Charles Gray and a strange couple , Mr Kid and Mr Wint Bruce Glover and Putter Smith in a intrigue about diamonds smuggling and a final with satellite full of nuclear weapons , holding of the world to ransom.

The film contains spectacular fights , action packed , car chases , apocalyptic and overwhelming scenarios along with the typically glossy ingredients series but Sean Connery looks a little bit boring ,in fact is his Bond last film , before his surprising return.

It is held together by fine acting and above all, and overwhelming level of tongue-in-cheek. Sean Connery as James Bond is cool , he has coldness and toughness , typical characters of the famous personage , but also earns in irony , suavity and smoothness.

The interesting screenplay based on Ian Fleming's novel is written by Richard Maibaum and the recently deceased Tom Mankiewicz. The action is very good , the cinematography by Ted Moore is magnificent , the sets decent , but the real clincher is the fact that Bond is once more performed by a hero with the right stuff.

The struggles were carefully choreographed by very accomplished athletes as a pair gorgeous killer karate female bodyguards and performed like a dance routine requiring each participant to hit their mark at the correct time.

The picture is produced by habituals Harry Saltzman and Albert R. The atmosphere is faithful to the actual location but the interiors on a set at Pinewood Studios.

Appropriate and wonderful -as usual- musical score by John Barry. Main title song is catching and marvelously performed by Shirley Bassey. Indispensable and essential watching for James Bond fans.

In Sean Connery quits the role of James Bond. This film does reasonably well at the box office, but not as well as the previous episodes Furthermore, a big part of the audiences and many critics savage Lazenby's performance, rather pale compared to Connery's Bond portrait.

In '71 producers hire American actor John Gavin for "Diamonds are forever" DAF , but at the very last minute Sean Connery decides to come back to the role for one time only The film is a kind of remake of "Goldfinger" -there is Sean, of course; director Guy Hamilton; Shirley Bassey sings the theme; the story takes place in America; here too we have glamorous elements diamonds instead of gold.

The movie is funny, Sean looks amused and quite relaxed in traveling between Amsterdam and Las Vegas to investigate about a diamond illegal traffic.

Nevertheless it's the "worst" of his Bonds It's his less interesting outing as When we think about him as Bond we think about the episodes of the Sixties, when the series was at its beginning.

The first part of the film is boring, the second half has more action -although the final battle scene is not very well done.

Sean is Sean, but here he looks older than his age -curiously he looks fitter and more charming in "Never say never again", an "unofficial" Bond done 12 years later!

By the way his presence in this film saves the show completely and a good entertainment is guaranteed. There he meets beautiful Tiffany Case Jill St.

John , fends off kooky hit men, and comes face-to-face with his arch-nemesis Blofeld Charles Gray. Sean Connery's last 'official' Bond film doesn't get a lot of love from the serious crowd but I happen to like it.

Among the criticisms are that it's "too Americanized," "too much like a comic book," and "too trashy. Personally, I thought it was a lot of fun.

Sean Connery's perfect. My favorite Bond. Charles Gray is a nice Blofeld. John's a great Bond girl. It's got good action, hot women, a memorable Shirley Bassey theme song, and lots of humor.

There's a lot to like about it. If you're someone who enjoys the Bond movies for colorful escapist adventure more than for dark espionage stories, you should like this as much as I do.

HelloTexas11 21 January Sean Connery's last go-round in the initial James Bond series is a quirky entry that I find one of the most enjoyable. It keeps all of the trappings and recurrent characters we had come to expect in a film but adds a few novel twists which keep things from becoming stale.

Connery's co-star and female lead this time is Jill St. John and forgive me while I drool on my keyboard a moment.

The term 'drop dead gorgeous' must have been invented for her and maybe even specifically for this movie. Casual nudity in mainstream cinema was not yet commonplace, but some of Ms.

John's 'costumes' come about as close as is possible. As Bond aptly puts it shortly after meeting her character, Tiffany Case, "that's a nice little nothing you're almost wearing.

The diamonds in question are to be used on a satellite to focus a laser beam that will destroy nuclear weapons, allowing SPECTRE to blackmail various governments.

Yeah, that old plot again. But it's just enough to hang a number of funny and exciting scenes on, starting in Holland and ending up in Las Vegas.

Maybe the oddest aspect of 'Diamonds Are Forever' is the inclusion of two openly and sometimes outlandishly gay characters, Mr.

Wint and Mr. The plot sometimes veers off into extreme silliness it's hard to recall a chase scene sillier than the one with Bond in the moon-buggy and the special effects range from believable to incredibly cheesy the shot of Chinese missiles being destroyed and a flaming Chinese soldier crossing the screen has to be seen to be believed which, along with the above-mentioned aspects, seem to indicate the series was heading in a more comedic direction just as Connery was making his exit.

Whether this was an improvement is debatable, but Connery was, and is, the definitive Bond and 'Diamonds Are Forever' stands as one of the best films.

Orpington 31 July After the relative commercial failure of On Her Majesty's Secret Service, and the subsequent departure of the unlamented George Lazenby, the Bond producers were desperate to lure Sean Connery back for just one more outing as James Bond.

Connery was reluctant, but the huge sum he was offered to come back was too good to resist, and Diamonds are Forever thus became his last official Bond film.

Sadly it is a thoroughly unworthy exit, for DAF is an inane, flabby film that suffers from lazy scripting and an excess of camp humour, reducing Bond to the level of self-parody.

It seems that the aim of this film was to rekindle the spirit of Goldfinger, after audiences did not take kindly to the relatively serious OHMSS.

Not only did Connery return, but so did Goldfinger director Guy Hamilton and other crew members who had worked on that film; even Shirley Bassey was back to sing the theme tune, which is one of the few good things about DAF.

However, it lacks either the wit or elegance of Goldfinger, relying instead on a succession of bad puns and tedious chase sequences, including a particularly stupid one which sees Bond being pursued across the desert while driving a moon buggy.

The decision to set most of the film in Las Vegas does not help matters, for it is a very un-Bond like place which just serves to make the film feel even more cheap and tacky.

The casting is a mixed bag. Connery never gave a bad performance as OO7, but he is at his most detached and uninterested here, going through the motions but never looking as if he is doing it for anything other than the money.

Even though he was only 40 when he made it, he also looks rather old in this film, which does not help credibility. Charles Gray is OK as Blofeld, but plays it far too camp and never seems the slightest bit menacing, which is not a good idea if you are playing Bond's arch-enemy.

Jill St John's Tiffany Case is a spirited Bond girl, but unaccountably she becomes more and more stupid as the film goes on, and never becomes as strong a character as she should have been.

Wint and Kidd, Blofeld's homosexual henchmen, provide quite good comic value, even though they are outrageous gay stereotypes; nevertheless, their antics seem very out of place in a Bond film, being more suited to Are You Being Served.

As for Jimmy Dean's Willard Whyte, I found him to be one of the most irritating characters in any Bond film, though thankfully he does not get much screen time.

There are some good points in the film, including an effective fight between Bond and Peter Franks in Amsterdam, and a memorable scene in which OO7 has to grapple with two striking young women called Bambi and Thumper.

In general, however, DAF feels tired, trying to compensate for the lack of a decent script with its childish humour and endless stunts.

It is all a long way away from the classic Connery Bonds of the early 60s, and indeed DAF is much closer in tone to the jokey Roger Moore films that would follow it during the rest of the 70s, although most of those have more going for them than this film.

All in all, DAF is more of a feeble exercise in camp comedy than a stylish spy thriller, a sad way for Connery to leave the part that had made him a star.

Of all the Bond films, probably only Moonraker is worse. The 7th official James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever does not have the reputation of being one of the better Bond epics.

But I must admit for having a soft spot for Diamonds Are Forever despite the fact that in hindsight the film has missed some great opportunities. It could have been a great revenge movie, but it's not.

Diamonds Are Forever starts with a very short fight scene in a Japanese decor, telling us that it's starting where the 5th Bondfilm You Only Live Twice left off.

At the time On Her Majesty's Secret Service was considered a failure it wasn't and the rumor was that the new James Bond actor George Lazenby got fired he wasn't, he decided not to go on, much to his regret later.

But on the plus side Diamonds Are Forever is one of most efficient Bond films made. The greatest asset of course is that Sean Connery returned to the franchise after being absent in the previous film.

Older and a little too out of shape, Connery is at his most relaxed in this one and even here he is still the best cinematic interpretation of the character.

A James Bond who has seen and done it all. The only time Bond is really surprised in this film is when he meets Blofeld again, whom he thought he had killed in the prologue.

Diamonds Are Forever may have discarded the revenge plot but It was a financial successful revenge for Sean Connery on the Bond producers.

Connery always felt short changed by the producers but was lured back by United Artists for one more film for an enormous salary which he donated and benefits including a two movie deal.

Diamonds Are Forever is also a guilty pleasure nowadays because Bond gets to do things which today's cinematic heroes can no longer get away with: he hits women, kicks Blofeld's cat and disposes easily of two stereotypical gay men including finishing it off with a one liner.

So, unless you're easily offended, Diamonds Are Forever can also be recommended as a terrific time capsule. TimBoHannon 26 May After four years, 1.

Sadly, the man who electrified the world for six years returned for a problematic movie that at best is a disappointment and at worst a large black stain on his legacy.

Many of the problems that drown "Diamonds Are Forever" show up in the opening minutes. Bond is on the revenge trail following the murder of his wife.

Connery's face remains hidden to raise anticipation, but when it finally appears, my reaction is shock. At one time he looked like the handsome, debonair ladies man he is supposed to be, but at 41, Connery has outlived the part.

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How did you buy your ticket? View All Photos Movie Info. In this spy adventure, James Bond is involved in a scheme by the insidious Ernst Blofeld to force the world powers to disarm so that he can take over the globe.

Folksinger Jimmy Dean shows up briefly as a Howard Hughes-like reclusive billionaire, while Lana Wood is a "human prop. Guy Hamilton.

Richard Maibaum , Tom Mankiewicz. Oct 17, Sean Connery as James Bond. Jill St. John as Tiffany Case. Charles Gray as Ernst Blofeld. Lana Wood as Plenty O'Toole.

Jimmy Dean as Willard Whyte. Bruce Cabot as Saxby. Putter Smith as Mr. Bruce Glover as Mr. Norman Burton as Leiter.

Ed Call as Maxie. Joseph Fürst as Dr. Bernard Lee as M. George A. Desmond Llewelyn as Q. Lois Maxwell as Miss Moneypenny. Leonard Barr as Shady Tree.

Laurence Naismith as Sir Donald Monger. Burt Metcalfe as Maxwell. Margaret Lacey as Mrs. Joe Robinson as Peter Franks. Donna Garratt as Bambi.

Trina Parks as Thumper. Ed Bishop as Klaus Hergersheimer. Larry Blake as Barker. Henry Rowland as Dentist.

Nicky Blair as Doorman. Constantin de Goguel as Aide To Metz. Shane Rimmer as Tom. Clifford Earl as Immigration Officer. David de Keyser as Doctor.

Karl Held as Agent. John Abineri as Airline Representative. Max Latimer as Blofeld's Double. Bill Hutchinson as Moon Crater Controller.

Frank Mann as Moon Crater Guard. David Bauer as Slumber. Mark Elwes as Sir Donald's Secretary. Frank Olegario as Man in Fez. David Healy as Vandenburg Launch Director.

Gordon Ruttan as Vandenburg Aide. Donna Garrett as Bambi. Brinsley Forde as Houseboy. Marc Lawrence I as Attendant. Sid Haig as Attendant.

Michael Valente as Attendant. Edward Call as Maxie. Ray Baker as Helicopter Pilot.

Learn more. Thank you for leaving a lovely review. Images filter Alle All reviews. The last page has reissue credits and some discography info United Zahnarzt Esplanade released Edarling Kontakt theme song as a 7" single in Parasino Casino UK and USA where it charted at 38 and 57 respectively. Spannend wirds jedoch nochmal Justizpalast Wien in den letzten Szenen mit Wind und Kidd, was aber für diverse Widersprüche des Films spricht. Its evident although a great film, sort of a cult classic, On Her Majesty's Kostenlos Koch Spielen Deutsch Service jinxed this production. What more can I say? I remember seeing this film years and years ago and always had in my mind the image of a body disappearing into bubbling mud gold mashed potato. Though no graphic Ruleta Hry Online Zdarma is shown, Bond has two sex partners, and women are shown in bikinis, in underwear, and under bedsheets. Whether this was an improvement is debatable, but Connery was, and is, the definitive Bond and 'Diamonds Are Forever' stands as one of the best films. Cobra Kai. The buggy looks comical, but Connery does not; he is completely at home, as we know by Three Card Poker, with every form of transportation. Bond, but not Connery, would return in "Live and Let Die.

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Text, image, video Image and video reviews only Text, image, video. Kidd trying to dispense with our James via a Bomba Supreme and some flaming kebab skewers nice. Sold by: Tracksounds-es. Customer reviews.

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Umso mehr erstaunt war ich, als ich die Casino Ohne Einzahlung Echtgeld Bonus CD bekam. Amazon Price. Die Keyboards prägen bei vielen Stücken das Bild. Bond Smells A Rat 9. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a Paypal Mark is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. Get to Know Us. Gerade während dem Karatefight spricht Connery im Original kein Wort, während in der deutschen Synchro hier-und da ein lockerer, wenn auch unpassender Spruch viel. Michael :. Diamonds Are Forever Review

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Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. Try all Prime benefits now. Bewertungen filtern. The Las Vegas settings are wonderfully underlined by a John Barry score that conjures up the sophisticated world of the Rat Pack and high rollers. The movie represents a nadir for Showing of 41 reviews. We are so thrilled you are happy with the shirt. S spencer Verifizierter Käufer. Moon Buggy Ride 4. From the start this is classic Bond, with an air of luxury and power that oozes from the title track and beyond. Text, image, video Image and video reviews only Text, image, video. Mehr anzeigen Weniger anzeigen. If your a fan of John Barry or maybe Transformers Bilder Zum Ausmalen to purchase some good Bond music for your collection you can't go far wrong with this, though i do recommend "The Living Daylights" "Moonraker" and "Thunderball" Kostenlos Sizzling Hot Deluxe quintessential Barry Bond scores. Alas there are no photos of Lola Larson and Trina Parks as the acrobatic Bambi and Thumper kicking the crap out of like he deserved it. You are absolutely right, we created the Diamonds are Forever shirt in the true spirit of the early seventies trends, resulting in a flattering straight fit. Über das Produkt Artikel nr. Bin diesem Album lange hinterher gewesen, es ist mittlerweile sehr schwer zu kriegen Mein erstes Exemplar hat man mir auf Slot Games Online Free Play Party entwendet! Titel 19, "Plenty, then Tiffany" ist unter anderem deshalb so interessant, weil er Teil an dem Produktions-Konzept hat, das nach dem brillanten, ernsthaften "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" verfolgt wurde. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Fastest delivery: Saturday, Sep 5 Order within 19 hrs 58 mins Details. All stars 5 star only 4 star only 3 star only 2 star only 1 star only All positive Free Bonus Casino No Deposit critical All stars. Lachhaft ist z. The list goes on, Romme Kartenspiel Download superb and almost every track is top notch. Die engl. Death At The Whyte House Roulette Online Live. Moon Buggy Ride 4. Try again. Mein Konto Anmelden Registrieren.

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Diamonds Are Forever Review Vor allem die Schlussszene ist lustig. John as Tiffany Case in a bath washing 's hairy Kartenspiel 32 I'm glad someone isCharles Grey as Blofeld posing with a sword and a menacing look, Lana Wood as Plenty O'Toole at the crap tables and a brief glimpse of the wonderfully camp killer couple Putter Smith and Bruce Glover as Mr. An absolute joy to wear. I received this shirt a few days back and I am really Mybet Novomatic Slots Book Of Ra. The Las Vegas settings are wonderfully underlined by a John Barry score that conjures up the sophisticated world of the Rat Pack and high rollers. Tiffany Case Metz sächsisch sprechen liessen.

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