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Teste dein Wissen in unserem beliebten Allgemeinwissen Quiz mit aktuellen Fragen aus ! Erweitere dein Fakten Wissen durch über Quiz Fragen. Quizoid gehört seit zu den erfolgreichsten Quiz-Apps in Deutschland und kommt jetzt im völlig neuen Design! Über Fragen aus 10 Wissensgebieten. Quizoid ist eine Quiz-App, die Abertausende Fragen und viele Themengebiete für euch bereithält. Darunter findet ihr Themenbereiche wie. Garantiert Gute App. Diese App hat die Sicherheitstests gegen Viren, Malware und andere Schadattacken bestanden und enthält keine Bedrohungen. Quizoid ist ein klassisches Multiple-Choice-Quiz mit tausenden Fragen aus verschiedenen Wissensgebieten. Die App wurde von mir nativ für And.

Quizoid App

Kurioses Wissen • lokalisierte Fragen • VoiceOver Unterstützung Quizoid ist ein Es ist sicher noch nicht perfekt, aber ich hoffe, die App ist nun auch für Blinde. Garantiert Gute App. Diese App hat die Sicherheitstests gegen Viren, Malware und andere Schadattacken bestanden und enthält keine Bedrohungen. Quizoid ist ein klassisches Multiple-Choice-Quiz mit tausenden Fragen aus verschiedenen Wissensgebieten. Die App wurde von mir nativ für And. Quizoid App Lade Quizoid apk für Android herunter. Habanero Quiz Apps Benutz die APKPure-App, um Quizoid zu aktualisieren, schnell, kostenlos und deine. Kurioses Wissen • lokalisierte Fragen • VoiceOver Unterstützung Quizoid ist ein Es ist sicher noch nicht perfekt, aber ich hoffe, die App ist nun auch für Blinde. Quizoid was my first app. It's a trivia game and was originally developed for Android back in Due to its success on Android I ported it to iOS and since Quizoid App

Bereiche, in denen ihr euch testen lassen könnt, sind unter anderem Politik, Natur, Geografie, Unterhaltung und Sprache.

Aus den Wissensbereichen könnt ihr ab einer bestimmten Punktezahl euer Steckenpferd aussuchen oder euch in Kategorien weiterbilden, die euch nicht so geläufig sind.

Blendet so zwei falsche Antworten der vier Möglichkeiten aus oder gebt zwei Antworten ab, wenn ihr unsicher seid.

Ein Kategorien- beziehungsweise Fragentausch bildet die dritte Joker-Option. Ihr spielt hier allerdings nicht um Geld, sondern kassiert pro richtiger Antwort Punkte und steigt im Level auf.

Nach und nach werden die Fragen immer schwieriger. Quizoid ist ein schön designtes Spiel, bei dem ihr wirklich noch etwas lernen könnt.

Die verschiedenen Kategorien helfen zudem, den eigenen Wissensstand auf einem bestimmten Gebiet zu verbessern. Alle Versionen Alternativen.

Alternativen zu Quizoid Je nach Einsatzzweck und gewünschter Funktion stellen nachfolgende Programme eine gute Alternative zu "Quizoid" dar. Betriebssystem Quizoid 5.

App wird beendet sobald man auf Spielen klickt. Bewertung vom Juni , veröffentlicht im. Google Play Store. Apple App Store. Aktualisiert am Richard Raue.

Lern- und Wissenspiele. Quizduell Fesselnde Wissensproben für unterwegs. Zum Download. You can use your mental abilities and knowledge to get as far as you can on this amazing game.

The person with the most number of correct answers will be the winner, and the one with a lower number of correct answers will automatically lose the challenge.

This interactive game measures your mental and reasoning abilities and does not provide any instructions so that each of your decision will be the part of the challenge module.

Genius Quiz offers so many amazing levels to complete with your ultimate knowledge, and even one small mistake will become the reason of a big wastage of time in the upcoming advanced levels.

Genius Quiz features unique questions, three lives to help you, dynamic sound track, and a leaderboard which encounters your marks for each level.

This intuitive puzzle game offers an awesome graphics, and you would love to play it on your Android and iOS devices.

There is one category, one letter and one word only that will take you the highest score in case you will succeed in making relationship among all.

The interesting thing about this game is that rather than throwing the straightforward question, it makes the twist in the question to confuse its players.

It will ask three direction question and one indirect question. The direct question will be like a fruit name with B, a sport with T, and a mammal with D and make a new word with the first words of all these three things.

At first, it will seem very easy to play, but at most of the moment, this game will force you to think a twice before answering. This real puzzle game contains challenging questions in almost forty different categories that range from cities, countries, fruits to tools, instruments and much more.

QuizUp is widely accepted as one of the most challenging and biggest trivia games over the internet because of shaking the minds of its players by throwing very interesting and mind challenging puzzles and questions.

This free to play game is also the platform for making new creative friends as well. The main benefits that you will get by playing this game are access to the wide range of topics on every interest and subject, playing against friends in real time in case of having internet connection, getting the chance to discover the like-minded people and best above all it is a free game without any limitation and trial system.

The playing system is not difficult at all. All you required is to challenge your friends or the new opponents in any topic for quick match.

If they will able to solve it, they will get the point otherwise your rank over the scoreboard will improve. QuizUp contains a lot of topics on which discussion can be held and challenges can be made to others.

One touch Drawing is a simple yet attractive game to test your brain. It lets you draw anything you want in one touch. It is an addictive puzzle game that lets its users enjoy a simple gameplay with his existing or new ones, from millions of the people around the world using One touch Drawing.

There are tons of persons that have experience of playing this sort of games. It offers some simple rules which include that you can draw with only one touch with your fingers and cannot draw twice on the same line.

According to some clear levels new lines and one directional line, wrap point, direction trigger, wrap maker, way trigger, and the line that must be passed twice create difficulties.

Playing this game will give you tons of entertaining hours, and you can also increase the span of your friends in this way. One touch Drawing offers some amazing features and is available for Android and iOS mobile phone devices.

Guess a Sketch is a puzzle, drawing, education, and guessing game published and developed by Spigo.

This sketching game is an entertaining game in which you have to make different sketches and pics of whatever things in your minds and let your opponent or the challenger to guess.

You can play together by making and guessing different sketches to search out who is the best guesser.

There is a huge community of people play this interesting and addictive game with their friends to get some amazing moments. Guess a Sketch provides a series of amazing levels that you must complete by making guesses of what your friend or the opponent has drawn.

You can easily beat your opponents by guessing more sketches and quickly earn more and more points than your partner to unlock new color packs, brushes, levels, and other exciting things.

You have to make a difficult to guess drawing using brushes, erasers if you do something wrong , and different colors. Guess a Sketch includes some core features that includes a distinct set of brushes, a pen, color packs, eraser, etc.

You can enjoy this app on iOS devices. It is a well-designed and easy to use platform that offers an excellent quality graphics, and sounds for the attraction of its users from all over the world.

It offers some amazing features that make this app a bit more exciting, eye catching, and stunning.

It is a premium drawing and painting game for iPod, iPhone, and other iOS devices. The iSketch app lets you draw with some advanced color packs along with the selection of brushes, and the ability to upload your masterpiece of drawing on some of the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

It is an amazing tool that you need to draw top quality paintings and drawings on your smartphones. It features an advanced option that includes Advanced HEX, RGB, or HSV color spectrum, quick selection color patterns, a variety of brushes, ability to change brush size, email or saves drawings and numerous others.

Draw My Thing is a game that lets you draw, and some other person is to guess what you have made. Draw My Thing offers an exciting gameplay in which you can easily pick your brush and start painting.

It offers a set of levels and lets you enjoy the game along with your family and friends. Take part in the competition, draw a sketch and show your skills.

It is an amazing platform to enhance your internal abilities and increase your knowledge by sharing your skills with others.

You can create amazing stuff using colors, brushes, and lots of other stuff that it provides. You do not require any professional level skill, and you can easily make sketches using this platform.

Draw My Thing offers some amazing features that include attractive graphics, different modes, earn badges, unlock achievements, drawing awesome stuff using a distinct pack of colors, and more.

Hence, it is one of the best game to play and enjoy with your buddies. Scene It? It is an amazing puzzle game that offers an interesting gameplay where more than four players test their knowledge and skills of movie clips through many fantasy-themed levels.

It offers an attractive range of levels, each of which consists of five interesting questions. Box Office Smash offers many clips to the users, and the player has to watch the clip with much attention and then answer the questions that have asked from them about that clip.

Each level is more thrilling and challenging than the previous one. Box Office Smash provides some stunning range of points if the answer of the player is correct.

Otherwise, his opponent would get a chance to beat him. So complete each level and gain enough experience points and impress your opponent using movie knowledge.

Some of its core features include brilliant visuals and sounds, exciting gameplay, and a wonderful game to enjoy. Quiz TV is a great game to enjoy playing with some friends and family members.

It is the on seventh in the series of Buzz! Quiz Games and probably the first game for PlayStation 3.

In this game, there is a group of up to 8 players, provided with some characters and lets you choose from the. You can choose one character of your choice and starts the game.

In this interesting game, you have to ask some simple questions, and you have to answer. Make sure that you are giving right answers for each question.

If you are the person with most correct answers than you will win, and if not then one of your opponents beats you and wins the challenge. You can easily make a chat with your competitors.

Quiz TV offers some features that includes an interactive graphics, simple to use and, attractive and addictive gameplay, amazing sounds, earning points, and much more.

Quiz TV enhances your thinking abilities and knowledge in a better and fun way. Quiz World is a puzzle, party, multi and single player game that lets its users enjoy an addictive gameplay with more fun.

This game is the ninth release in the Buzz! Quiz Games series. The main focus of this game is the questioning and answering scenario that mixes with both old and new round types.

Quiz World offers a series of exciting levels and each of which is more interesting and difficult from the previous one. Quiz World allows its users to play solo in single player or against 2 to 8 players in an online multiplayer game.

Using this app, you get to know about different questions, so it is a process to increase your span of knowledge. The main task is to earn more coins by giving the right answers.

The player with the most number of right answers would get the more points and definitely wins the battle. Akinator is an addictive mobile-based single player twenty questions, single player videos game for iOS and Android devices created by RedStoneSpecial and published by The Eloquence.

It is a widely played game which is based on artificial intelligence programming that basically discovers and learn how to find the awesome questions to ask from other opponents or players.

It offers a simple to use UI, and the player has to push the start button for start playing and think the famous character such as political personality, athlete, fictional film, YouTuber, musician, etc.

This game then offers a smooth panel for asking questions with the answers of no, and yes along with doing not know.

If you give the right answer of these questions then you with be the champion otherwise some of your opponent wins the battle.

And after completing the questions, it narrowed down those questions and the program will show a character with a particular name that you think.

Akinator offers an exciting gameplay along with tremendous graphics, amazing sound quality, stunning interface and fun way to play and enjoy.

Wipeout Wall is an amazing mathematics-learning app. It is an interesting game that increases your knowledge through mathematics operations like multiplication and division.

It offers a smooth panel of bricks where the answers of particular mathematics operations are available, and make it enjoyable for you.

The answers are written on the bricks and questions are frequently asked one after another. You have to see the question, judge that carefully, and answer the question written on the wall by breaking that wall with simple taps.

There are several walls with different answers so tap the correct one carefully. All that questions have to answer during a restricted period.

One correct answer increases the time, and you have almost 9 seconds to answer them. Wipeout Wall offers a variety of exciting levels that are 32 in numbers, and each upcoming levels is a more exciting and difficult than the previous one.

You can choose both to practice individual facts and the group of facts. There is no debris to clear the wall when it has been destroyed.

Best time for clearing the level is saved for every level. Wipeout Wall features an amazing graphics and sounds, and its addictive gameplay is awesome to enjoy.

Mystical Eyeball sees and knows everything, developed by Angelo Gizzi. It contains the answers of all of your questions, and you can ask about anything from the Mystical Eyeball it will give you the right answer for your question.

So just put a question, give it a shake, and it will tell you the correct answers in no time. It is an app that is used widely to get the answers to your questions.

There is a huge amount of people use this puzzle and casual game for the one who loves playing answers and questions games.

It is an interesting game that is available to play on some of the Android and iOS devices. This interactive game revolves around a Mystical Eye ball which who almost see and know everything.

It lets you ask each and everything so that you will get the answer to what you have asked. It offers some cool and exciting features that make this app a bit more interesting and incredible.

Funbrain Jr. This intuitive education provider app brings five separate engaging and fun games that introduce learners to have several important skills while they play.

It was efficiently created by the top developers providing quality content to millions of children. You can learn intuitive skills and pretty much interesting stuff for having this lightweight app on your phone.

Sumdog is probably the most famous game for the millions of students from all over the world due to its exciting features. It offers a login panel and lets you add your normal details to play a series of interactive gaming.

If you do not have any account, you can sign up for free on the Sumdog website. Sumdog offers some paid games also along with the subscription.

You can easily enjoy this app on your Android and iOS devices with almost all the versions, but it does not support some iOS devices including iPad, iPod, etc.

Millions of users play this game from worldwide to learn mathematics, reading, and writing. If you are weak in some of these offered subjects, then you do not have to worry anymore.

Using this app, you can easily get all the operations, themes, catalogs, theories, and other basics of some subjects. Sumdog is an amazing learning platform through which you can enhance your knowledge in an extremely fun way.

Family Feud is a party, puzzle, and addictive trivia game created by Ludia, published by Global Star. The game is available on Xbox and PlayStation platforms.

It is the most loving and widely played game with hundreds of exciting questions regarding different categories including Sports, movies, politics, entertainment, and much more from around the world.

Family Feud offers a chance to play with millions of real people across the globe by selecting your teammate, and start this intuitive game.

Your ultimate task is to give the right answers to the question, asked by the popular host within a time limit. So perform your level best, secure the best points, and earn real time bonus points and rewards by defeating your opponents.

Family Feud is a widely played game that revolves around a popular TV show with the same scenario in which two families were playing a game against each other.

The game rewards the winning team with lots of exciting bonus prizes and rewards. Along with its superb gameplay, wonderful visuals, and intuitive mechanics, Family Feud is a stunning game to enjoy.

Wheel of Fortune is an addictive, unique, education, Word, and single player mode video game totally based on a TV show having the same name.

You can easily use this app on your Android and iOS devices that revolve around guessing letters and some hidden phrases elements.

Wheel of Fortune is a mix of puzzle and word element that lets you take part in the contest of stunning game and struggle to win a handsome amount.

Wheel of Fortune offers an intuitive gameplay that provides a chance to clear the set of rounds and win some exciting prizes.

You just have to run this platform and start guessing words and phrases to clear a distinct set of rounds. Wheel of Fortune enables you to enjoy some awesome rounds that you.

So simply solve the mysteries puzzles, collect the prizes and score the highest points. This platform also lets you challenge your buddies to beat the record that you set and share their progress.

You can interact and play with thousands of player from around the world and spin the wheel to win.

Wheel of Fortune offers features that include Tournaments, collectibles, the bonus round, and play against the player. You would love to enjoy it on your tablets and smartphone devices.

Family Feud 2 is a stunning piece of puzzle gaming which lets you enjoy awesome graphics, all new twists, and surveys allowing you to boost up your score.

You can challenge your friends to check who the best Family Feud player is, and you can also challenge your family members, and one from the Family Feud community.

Family Feud 2 offers a head to head competition to challenge your friends to become the ultimate Feuder. It is a game that enables you to discover all new tournaments, play live against 7 players, and become the champion to win tons of coins.

This intuitive gameplay offers smooth graphics and sound quality to enjoy the real-time intuitive play. It provides you the ability to directly challenge family and friends or anyone from a large community available on this platform.

This game offers some net set of surveys, with some stunning power-ups that boost you to score more, and an enhanced predictive text input to type your correct answer faster than ever.

Family Feud 2 gives an ultimate experience of playing social games on the go. Movie Night is an addictive game that lets you play with a massive knowledge of movies.

If you want to play Scene It? Movie Night, then you have to see a huge collection of movies, and you also have to remember them to answer questions related to the scenes.

This game offers an interesting scenario of asking questions and answering them and takes place in the awesome contest show.

There is a host that ask questions about different answers, and you have to answer them carefully. There are many characters that it offers, and you have to pick one from them.

The questions are asked from a number of categories including fashion, politics, entertainment, games, and much more. You have to answer them carefully and correctly to earn points, while on the other hand you will lose and failed to get points.

There is a limited time to suggest your question to them and progress through the game by scoring the highest points and defeating your opponents.

Movie Night offers some stunning features that include best mechanics, intuitive and addictive gameplay. Movie Night is an amazing game to enjoy and is also available in multiplayer mode.

Spaceteam is a game for aggressive persons who love to push buttons and shout at their friends. It offers an enjoyable game to play with your friends, family members, and thousands of other people around the world.

This intuitive gameplay provides an amazing graphics with intuitive and simple gameplay. It is a cooperative part mix game for 2 to 8 players who keep on shouting each other until the ship explodes.

Each player should be a member of that team and need mobile phone devices such as Android and Apple devices and can play together using Wi-Fi.

This game assigns random controls each player of the game such as switches, buttons, sliders, and dials, each of the player has to follow the time sensitivity which is sent to his teammates.

Spaceteam is an amazing teamwork game to play on your mobile phone devices. This game increases your abilities to grow as a team and work collaboratively.

You would defiantly enjoy this amazing game. Quizoid Trivia Quiz is a learning platform to test your mental abilities and knowledge with demanding general knowledge questions in a fun way.

This interesting app includes tons of interesting question from a variety of topics. Quizoid Trivia Quiz offers three different modes, with thousands of questions, and can be played online as well as offline.

This game modifies its content and updates new questions to maintain the interest of its users. Quizoid offers more than 7, trivia questions from almost 17 different fields of knowledge.

This interactive game provides 3 modes that include Arcade allows you to play a 60 seconds speed quiz against the clock , Classic offers you to play as long as you like.

It is an offline playable mode that lets you enjoy this without any internet connections, and you can easily play Quizoid on your Android and iOS devices.

Select a Platform. All 43 Android 34 iOS Draw Something Draw Something is a doodle art based game for the smartphone users that is played in a multiplayer mode.

Show Details. Hanging with Friends Hanging with Friends is a brand new mind twisting game that is basically played in a multi playing environment.

Matching with Friends Matching with Friends is an online multiplayer social game where there are no limitations over the possibilities at all. Dice With Buddies Want to choose your strategy to challenge your friends?

SongPop SongPop is a stunning and the most addictive game for music lovers. Word Chums Word Chums is the standard word game application.

Word Streak-Words With Friends Word Streak-Words With Friends is a word guessing gameplay that lets you join the community of millions of people and start challenging them.

Trivia Crack If you are an Android phone geek and like playing Trivia games then Trivia Crack is a social competing game designed for you. You Stupid You Stupid is an immensely simple game that lets you prove whether you are smart or not in a fun way.

Trivia Burst Trivia Quiz Trivia Burst Trivia Quiz is an awesome addictive and fun game that offers a huge gallery of challenging questions. Atriviate Online Trivia Atriviate Online Trivia offers a cool gameplay loads with hours of entertaining and exciting levels and modes.

Mega Trivia Mega Trivia is an awesome game to increase your knowledge by answering from a collection of almost 50, questions. Logo Quiz Logo Quiz has an outstanding community of people enjoy this app on a daily basis.

Guess the Restaurant Quiz Guess the Restaurant Quiz is a fun app based game for the smartphone users that will test your knowledge about the names of the famous restaurants according to their logos and the services that they are offering to their customers.

Guess the Movie Guess the Movie is an awesome and addictive movie guessing game. DK Quiz DK Quiz is an amazing game that lets you test your knowledge with hundreds of questions for free.

Questions have Beste Online Casinos Bonus Ohne Einzahlung levels of difficulty and involve different popular cultural areas and many academic disciplines. You do not require any professional level skill, and you can easily make sketches using this platform. Lern- und Einarmiger Bandit. Word Chums has lots of achievements, best-word challenges, leveling, player stats, leaderboards, and much more. Family Feud 2 offers a head to head competition to challenge your friends to become the ultimate Feuder. This is simply a casual game that can be played with the other players and even with your friends as well. Millions of users play this game from Bubbel Games to learn mathematics, reading, and writing.

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Quizoid App - (Quiz ) Classic And 20 Questions Mode This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Fünf verschiedene Spielmodi sorgen für Abwechslung und Langzeitmotivation. Version 2. Accept Read More. In diesem Wie Kann Ich Bei Stargames Um Echtes Geld Spielen wirst du zwar kein Millionär, aber vielleicht schaffst du es mit deinen Antworten ja bis ins höchste Level? Vielen Dank dafür!!!

Quizoid App Video

Quizoid App - (Quiz ) Arcade Mode Der bekannte Joker löscht zwei falsche Antworten. Mir persönlich gefällt auch, dass es kein Zeitlimit gibt. Before or After! Optisch macht Quizoid nicht viel her, Design und ergo auch die Bedienung wurden sehr minimalistisch gehalten. Aber ich muss sagen die App ist zu Mobile Casino Games Free Lieblings offline Zeitvertreib geworden. Kuggimonsta Magazine Shop Abo. Zum Download. Noch mehr passende Alternativen findet ihr in Europa Casino Download Kostenlos Bestenliste der Kategorie "Lern- und Wissenspiele". Gerade im Freundeskreis oder im Familienverband kann Elfer Online sich mit Quizoid spannende Duelle liefern. Juniveröffentlicht im. Das Spiel ist sehr unterhaltsam. Gerade im Freundeskreis oder im Familienverband kann man sich mit Quizoid spannende Duelle liefern. Aktuelle Tests. Allgemeinwissen stell ich mir anders vor, weil man nach wenigen Fragen sehr schnell spezifisch wird. Optisch macht Quizoid nicht viel her, Design und ergo auch die Bedienung Strategiespiele Online Kostenlos Ohne Anmeldung sehr minimalistisch gehalten. Beschreibung Mehr als 2. Wirklich super, da sie mit VoiceOver, Make Up Kostenlos bedienen Bar ist!!! Quizoid bietet dir gleich vier davon. Quizoid Online Casino Deutschland App also, wie der Einleitung und dem Namen des Was Kostet Lotto 6 Aus 49 unschwer zu entnehmen, ein klassisches Quiz, ähnlich zum Beispiel der Millionenshow. Quizoid Pro bietet dir 2. Allgemeinwissen stell ich mir anders vor, weil man nach wenigen Fragen sehr schnell spezifisch wird.

Quizoid App - Quizoid 5.2.1 Aktualisieren

Logo-Spiel: Marken erraten Logo Game. Its for the hardcore quizzer! Beschreibung Gewertet wird der Anteil der richtig beantworteten an allen gespielten Quizfragen.

Quizoid könnt ihr für die nachfolgenden Plattformen herunterladen. Infos zum letzten Update: Die Android-Version "5.

Juli aktualisiert. Alle zum Download verfügbaren Versionen von Quizoid findet ihr auf der Downloadseite. Dort findet ihr auch weitere Details zu den einzelnen Versionen.

Windows-Downloads gibt es als 32 Bit- und 64 Bit-Version. Hier zeigen wir euch, wie sich die Systeme unterscheiden und wie ihr erkennt ob ihr Windows 32 Bit oder 64 Bit benutzt.

Wenn ihr wert auf eine systemschonende Installation legt, setzt auf portable Versionen. Diese Versionen sind bei uns als "Portable" gekennzeichnet.

Dort findet ihr die aktuelle Version "5. Im App Store könnt ihr die Version "2. Diese wurde zuletzt am Juni aktualisiert und ist kostenlos erhältlich.

Stellt euch mit der Quizoid-App über Fragen aus 17 verschiedenen Wissensgebieten. I love thinking apps. So nice to learn something of use while occupying my time.

I like the no time limit as it allows my children to join at their own speed and learn as well. It leads to discussions of historical events, mathematical theories, religion, etc, and they love it too!

We have even researched and few things further on the Internet and learned some new things together. Download QR-Code. Entwickler: Habanero Quiz Apps.

Wrong answers don't count, but they don't mean game over. There are no lifelines here, because what counts is speed and good general knowledge.

You choose your favorite categories at the beginning. Only these knowledge areas will appear in the quiz. The rest of the game is the same as in Classic Mode.

There are no highscores here. Also only available in the Pro version, it allows you to choose between 3 different difficulty levels.

On "Easy" level you only play quiz questions of levels 1 to 3, with "Moderate" in the level range and on "Pro" you only get the highest levels 5 and 6.

The gameplay and highscore are the same as in Classic Mode. Quizoid offers you four of them. The two-attempt joker allows you to answer twice.

With the question-exchange joker, you can exchange the current question for another one from a category of your choice. The Tip Joker becomes available as soon as you reach the most difficult levels.

It shows you a tip for the current question. No problem. Just activate the option "Localization" in the settings and you won't see any US-specific quiz questions anymore!

However, questions about global general knowledge will remain. The percentage of correctly answered questions out of all quiz questions played is scored.

Version 2. Great game. You can play alone or with others. You can keep track of your score or ignore the scoring system.

For each question posed, you choose one answer from the four options you are given. Questions have various levels of difficulty and involve different popular cultural areas and many academic disciplines.

Challenging and fun.

Have been looking for a game like this. Five different game modes provide variety and long-term motivation. Alle Versionen Alternativen. Akinator offers an 4 Buchstaben Ein Wort gameplay along with tremendous graphics, amazing sound quality, stunning interface and fun way to play Rote Laterne Munich enjoy. Mega Trivia Mega Trivia is an awesome game to increase your knowledge by answering from a collection of almost 50, questions. Quiz TV offers some features that includes an interactive graphics, simple to use and, attractive and addictive gameplay, amazing sounds, earning points, and much William Hill 49s Results. Using this app, you can easily get all the operations, themes, catalogs, theories, and other basics of some subjects. Spaceteam Spaceteam is a game for aggressive persons who love to push buttons and shout at their friends. Ovo Casino Bonus Code start the level and guess Sparticus picture hidden under tiny squares. This simple style containing application that Paypal Casinos Australia in fact one of the most difficult games offers a Login Unibet, colorful and explosively fun puzzle games to its players.

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