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24/jan/ - Stitch This! The Martingale Blog – Words of wisdom uttered from knee-deep in our stash. In voller Blüte Tischläufer. Jul 20, - September is National Sewing Month! Here's a great way to celebrate your love of sewing: build a stash of patterns to keep you in stitches. Der Martingale Blog - Eines der Schlüsselkonzepte der Ergonomie ist es, Ihren Körper so weit wie möglich in einer neut - #BabyKnits #Blog #Crocheting #der. Apr 14, - Welcome to Quilt Town! “The Village Square” from Irish Chain Quilts (available in May; add to wish list) Quilt Town is the coziest city on earth. QTrade Trading-Blog. Martingale Trading System – für alle Trader ohne Budget-​Limits. Teilen Tweet Anpinnen Mail SMS. Obwohl Einer dieser Aspekte ist das so genannte „Martingale Handelssystem“. Die Wurzeln des Trading-Ansatzes.

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Der Martingale Blog - Eines der Schlüsselkonzepte der Ergonomie ist es, Ihren Körper so weit wie möglich in einer neut - #BabyKnits #Blog #Crocheting #der. Dies liegt am Martingale-System, was besagt, man solle nach einem verlorenem Spin den Einsatz verdoppeln, sodass man früher oder später ausgleicht. QTrade Trading-Blog. Martingale Trading System – für alle Trader ohne Budget-​Limits. Teilen Tweet Anpinnen Mail SMS. Obwohl Einer dieser Aspekte ist das so genannte „Martingale Handelssystem“. Die Wurzeln des Trading-Ansatzes.

Besides, the company donates a collar to the dog rescue on each purchase. Made with high quality and durable nylon, this collar is a great option for the dog owners who are looking for an anti-slip solution for their dog.

Though the collar is specifically designed for sighthounds, they work quite well with other dogs also. It comes in different colors and with a personalized martingale collar option.

This collar is recommended by veterinarians and dog trainers and unlike many other collars, it is considered as the best collar for everyday use.

It comes in different sizes and is equally great for the growing and dogs that have big heads. It has a smooth tightening motion that tightens slowly, is affordable and ideal to be used on a daily basis.

Other than these, there are a number of other martingale dog collars that are ideal for dogs of different sizes and breeds.

Using a martingale collar is easy and should not be a worry for you or your hound, provided that you know how to use it properly.

These collars are built to provide slip safety and complete control over your dog but, if not used correctly, they could choke it just like a normal collar.

A martingale collar offers greater safety and efficacy than a normal one, but this does not mean that you will not need to be careful when using it.

If the collar is too tight, when the two buckles meet, it could choke and injure your dog. Why a martingale and not a usual collar? There are a number of benefits that a martingale collar offers and due to these benefits, many dog trainers and veterinarians also suggest it.

Some of the key benefits of using a martingale collar are listed below. Teaching leash manners to your dog must be your top priority.

Afterall, how will you take him on walks without a proper leash? When in the training phase, the dogs need a tug when they try to break loose and using a normal leash will only harm its neck.

With a martingale collar, you have the peace of mind that you can adjust the collar and when tugged, it distributes the pressure evenly that prevents any harm to Coco.

Dogs are mischievous creatures and no matter how they love and adore you, sometimes they just like to slip away. If your dog has ever done it before then chances are that he will try it again.

Many times, when a dog pulls, a collar either gives in or tightens around its neck, which is wrong and dangerous.

Plus, while controlling and tugging your dog, you will not harm him. Have a petite dog? No worries!

Martingales come in all sizes and a petite sized collar is definitely among them. Just like different owners have different sized dogs, they have different collar needs also.

There are a number of companies, some of which we have listed above, that offer these collars in different sizes and colors. Choose any one of your choice.

These collars are safer and more effective than pinch and choke collars. The normal metal, buckle and chain collars are not safe as when you tug them, they exert pressure on the dog's neck.

With a martingale, that pressure is distributed and your pup will not be hurt. It does not hurt or pinch into the skin of your dog.

Other than being available in different colors and sizes, these collars are available in different types and you can even customize them according to your requirements.

For example, a chain martingale collar consists of the first loop of a sturdy nylon material and a steel chain for the second loop.

They can help you with your initial use of a martingale color, and make you feel confident in its use.

You must be logged in to post a comment. Site Information. Please wait Login Register. Previous Post Next Post. Martingale Collar Safety Rule 1 Make sure your martingale is fitted properly.

Martingale Collar Safety Rule 2 Never leave a puppy or new dog unattended in a martingale collar. Martingale Collar Safety Rule 5 Discontinue use if your dog does not respond to training or use.

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I love my job! Stripes open up lots of possibility. You can run them lengthwise, crosswise, or even diagonally. You can piece them in interesting ways to make geometric patterns.

Stripes coordinate perfectly with florals, solids, and dots. The texture of toweling is great for home decor projects and hard-wearing bags.

It also washes really well. My book Farmhouse Fresh contains loads of projects using Moda toweling. If you can sew in a straight line, you can make these projects.

The most important tip is to use the walking foot on your sewing machine. Please share your toweling creations on social media with farmhousefresh , piecestotreasure , modatoweling , and martingaletpp.

For the latest ideas, follow along on Instagram piecestotreasure. Mostly, I hope you have fun with this book and discover a love for working with toweling and stripes while enjoying all the possibilities it has to offer.

For more toweling uses, make sure to follow the Farmhouse Fresh Instagram book tour. Check out the first stop piecestotreasure today, then be sure to follow along as the tour progresses.

Australian readers, be sure to follow Jenelle on Instagram to learn about a toweling giveaway just for you!

A Dash of Plaid from Simple Patchwork. My first introduction to sewing and quilting came from my grandma, when I was just a little girl.

I can remember epic debates in the sewing room as I lobbied for shorter skirts and she firmly held her ground. I never did win! Decades passed before I taught myself to sew my first quilt, which included more than a little trial and error, and I fell in love all over again!

A photo of my grandma, one of her hand-pieced quilts, and some of her sewing items. My goal was to stuff this book full of quilts featuring vibrant colors, classic blocks, and a fresh take on tried-and-true motifs that have been loved by generations of quilters.

Medium, big, and small, Simple Patchwork has it all! One of my very favorite elements of Simple Patchwork is the section filled with scads of my favorite tips, tricks, hints, and helps.

Visit Kim today at Facebook and Instagram for a chance to win. To enter to win, tell us in the comments :. Browse the latest batch of Martingale books below; then enter to win your favorite book of the month at the end of this post!

Create quilted legacies with best-selling author Carol Hopkins. Thirteen Civil War-style quilts are inspired by the people, places, and events of this unique period in history.

Gather your reproduction fabrics and stitch tributes to trends of the time such as military timepieces and hoop skirts. Two, four, six, eight: what do quilters think is great?

Nothing inspires quilters to get in the game more than a stack of pretty fat quarters. The Moda All-Stars are back with a collection of patterns designed for 2 to 32 of those fun little cuts of fabric.

Royalties from the sale of this book will be donated to Special Olympics. Stitch the charms of a country cottage into every quilt you create! Designer Brenda Riddle, known for her use of fresh florals and sweet pastels, gathers her all-time favorite patterns to share with you in this beautifully photographed volume.

Projects are displayed in beautiful cottage-style settings that will inspire you to breathe a little romance and "welcome home" warmth into your own spaces.

Which coming-soon book would make your March amazing? You can follow along for instructions each week by checking back here or watching us on Facebook and Instagram.

Be sure to post pictures of your progress and use the tag mixitupqal so we can see your posts. Prize Alert! Simply post a pic on our Facebook or Instagram page each week.

The more pics of your progress, the more chances to win. Be sure to use mixitupqal to be entered. Summer is such a delightful season full of sunshine and flowers.

How fun it would be to capture that sweet summertime feeling in a quilt to enjoy all year long! And this fun-to-stitch sampler is made one block or border at a time, so you can easily start and stop to fit more sewing into your day.

Half the fun is putting your favorite fabrics in a starring role. This fanciful folk-art design invites you to make use of everything from large-scale florals to stripes, plaids, solids, and batiks.

You can start creating your Sunny Days quilt right away! As usual for quilts I design, Sunny Days is about my life, and my life revolves around my home and family and life in the country through the seasons.

When we moved into our house 46 years ago, our neighbors, Georgie Farney and Russ Stinson sister and brother , brought us vegetables from the garden Russ grew each summer.

And Georgie brought flowers. Russ grew a garden each summer that produced enough vegetables to feed everyone in Caldwell County where we live.

I told my husband, Pep, that I wanted an herb garden and a chicken house. My grandparents had a house that, at the time, was on the outskirts of Kansas City, and my grandfather raised chickens.

Then you can leave the quilting for winter when you want the warmth. My mother sewed—she made clothes—and was very good at it.

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The next is a smaller loop which may be constructed out of chain or nylon. There is a D-ring on this loop and the leash attaches to this ring.

When your dog pulls on the leash, the collar immediately tightens to a certain extent. When the dog stops trying to pull and tug, the collar automatically loosens.

This can help in training your dog as the tightening will heavily discourage him from pulling on the leash. With so many varieties out in the market, how do you know which is the best one?

Luckily for you, we have extensively researched the market and selected our top three choices. These are:.

PetSafe is a popular brand among many dog owners. Their Martingale Collar is available in about five sizes as well as five different colors.

They feature a durable and sturdy nylon construction that ensures the collar lasts for a long time. While it tightens to give you the ultimate controls, it still remains loose enough to allow breathing room for your dog.

It also has a plastic holder where you can hang tags instead of the D-ring. All in all, it is a great alternative to choke collars.

Another premium brand with a high-quality product, the If It Barks Martingale collar features a 1. The nylon has a very thin profile which makes it stretchable and thus, much more comfortable for the dog to wear.

The Collar was handmade in the USA, ensuring the highest-quality craftsmanship in the market. The best part is that the collar is available in a number of sizes and colors.

Not only that, it is available in two different styles which are the buckled version and the slip-on version.

The collar is actually constructed from Amish Harness Leather. This happens to be a heavy-duty material that is 1-inch wide. Moreover, the metallic buckles and rings feature a nickel construction with a steel coating.

They are perhaps the most popular type on the market. When your dog pulls on the leash or tries to back out of the collar, the collar immediately tightens evenly.

They usually consist of two nylon loops or two loops of other fabrics. Their main advantage is that they do not tighten after a certain point. The Half-Check Dog Collar is actually a combination of a nylon martingale collar and a choke chain one.

The main loop that goes around the neck is made of nylon or some other fabric while the second loop is made of metal chain.

This adds to the durability of the collar and ensures a longer life. They make for much more effective tools than their full-fabric counterparts.

This is because the tightening action is accompanied by the sound of the chain. Pet owners can simply train the dog to associate the sound with danger or something negative.

So, their dogs would be more deterrent to pull on the chain. The sound of the chain will alert you as well that your dog is trying to back out of the collar.

This ensures a safer and more humane way of training your dog. As a result, they are also known as training collars. Depending on the texture of their fur as well as the shape and size of their heads, some dogs can easily slip out of collars.

Dogs with narrower heads such as Whippets, Shelties and Greyhounds would benefit a lot from these collars.

So, the dogs associate the uncomfortable tight feeling with pulling and tugging. In the same way the dog gets positive reinforcement with treats and dog food , they get the mild punishment for negative behavior with a collar.

Dogs who have trouble following leash manners will likely benefit from these collars. The best part is that these are humane as they do not fully choke the dog.

Another reason to choose the martingale is that the other options in the market are too inhumane. A choke chain collar may choke and hurt your dog.

Also, this is perfect for cases where you only want slight control. The martingale collars are available in a number of different colors and styles.

This allows you to choose from a variety of collars. Determining the perfect fit for your collar is quite necessary. Another point to consider when picking out the accurate size of the collar is the width of the collar.

While width may not be a big deal with some dogs, it may be crucial with others. Visit each blog for details about the giveaways!

To win a print copy of Moda Blockheads, tell us in the comments : If you could spend a day sewing with one designer from the current Moda Blockheads list, which designer would you choose?

Visit ShopMartingale for details. Your email address will not be published. Thanks for visiting Stitch This! In addition to being a quilt designer and author, Brenda is also a fabric designer for Moda Fabrics.

Her soft, romantic, and soothing style is especially wonderful for spring and summer. Her pastel color palettes, unique spin on traditional and vintage patchwork designs, and clever way with gingham all add up to a book that is perfection.

The things and places that inspired my designs makes each one of these quilts special. Kick back, relax, and enjoy this virtual trunk show!

It shows that inspiration can come from anywhere. I was in Norway which I fell in love with! I took a photo of the floor, and now I can enjoy it in quilt form.

And as you know, a quilt is much easier to cuddle with than a tile floor! Then I discovered variations of the Irish Chain design, and I was utterly fascinated by them.

One of the fun things about this design was figuring out a way to make the construction as simple as possible. By the way, Estella is named for my maternal grandmother, Estella Lawson.

I credit her with my love of the light, airy feel that I use in so many of my quilt designs. Her quilts all had those characteristics, so it was perfect that I name this quilt after her.

The first version I made was a mini. The blocks were so fun to stitch that I had to make a larger version to fit a bed.

Then I got it in my head that I wanted mine to have a gingham effect. That was the start—and now Morning Star is on the cover of my book.

For more on why this quilt came to be, see my Journal at Brenda Riddle Designs. Vintage inspired. These are my favorite elements in quilts. Pebbles has a timeless checkerboard pattern that calls for a good snuggle.

Pebbles is that quilt. If you admire that look too, then you should add Pebbles to your must-make list! Thank you for stopping by today to learn more about my quilts and my new book, Acorn Cottage.

I encourage you to pull up a comfy chair and stay awhile. Thanks for joining us at Stitch This! Note: eBooks are offered for most books; please check each book listing for availability.

Even if you stitch for just for 15 minutes a day—be sure to take some time to feed your soul! If you have a few fat quarters in your stash, we have a dozen fresh ways for you to incorporate them into your sewing game.

Rah, rah, sis-boom-bah! Take me home! Can you guess who was named the leader of the Half-Square-Triangle Squad? Or which designer was appointed captain of the Speedy Sewing Squad?

In keeping with our motto of doing good with the Moda All-Stars series of books, royalties for this book will be donated to Special Olympics , an international organization that changes lives by promoting understanding, acceptance, and inclusion between people with and without intellectual disabilities.

Through sports, Special Olympics athletes are seeing themselves for their abilities, not disabilities. Hey, hey, FQ-friendly quilts for the win!

Thanks for getting us all fired up and ready to stitch, Lissa. Enjoy 12 patterns inspired by antique quilts, all small in scale, satisfying to finish, and perfect for reproduction fabrics.

Beautiful photos will inspire you to display your finished projects with style. Best-selling author and Instagram star Susan Ache yardgrl60 returns with eight cozy quilt projects for fall.

Quilt a farmhouse holiday with 15 quick projects for decorating and gift giving, all scrap-friendly and Santa-friendly. Which April books look exciting to you?

Tell us about it in the comments! Decorate for today by dipping into the past with a little help from Buttermilk Basin.

This book is near and dear to my heart. It came about when Jennifer Keltner and Karen Soltys of Martingale were tossing around ideas with me.

I LOVE a good hunt for all things vintage, items that bring back warm memories and supply daily inspiration. So naturally, I jumped at the opportunity!

I gathered my vintage collections and placed each in its own tote. That way, Jennifer and her team would have plenty of options for setting up photo vignettes.

It was the first time I could sit back during a photo shoot, relax, and let the team work their magic. Some might ask if it was hard for me not to be more involved.

Actually, I felt the exact opposite. I loved being involved from the sidelines—it was refreshing and inspiring. When you are in good hands, you can simply trust their process and enjoy the moments.

I would do it again in a heartbeat. Before I knew it, two vintage elves stole the show and took the photo shoot to a whole new level.

Jennifer had named them Ivan and Zsa Zsa. They are tucked in here and there, throughout the Christmas portion of the book, and they became larger than life as they styled the photos.

Those elves brought so much mischief to the photo shoot and kept us on our toes. I guarantee you, they will make you smile! It was hard to see the photo shoot come to an end, but the memories, laughs, and results of those two days of photography were simply stunning.

Now you get to enjoy the masterpiece we created! Cherish the details and, more importantly, start creating your own projects to decorate with and savor for years to come.

To enter your name in the drawing, tell us in the comments :. If there were a photo shoot at your place, which cherished objects would you use as props?

Good luck! Hanging a new set of crisply striped towels immediately transforms a kitchen. And now, with the new book Farmhouse Fresh , you can apply that same transformative power throughout your house with a beautiful assortment of toweling projects!

How convenient is that? Toweling is heavier than quilting cotton, making it ideal for projects that see a lot of use. The classic example—and how toweling got its name—is to make it into tea towels or kitchen towels.

My name is Jenelle and I live in the land down under, Australia. Welcome to my world of toweling! A world where woven stripes and texture add zing to your sewing projects.

How and why did this love affair with toweling start? I initially found antique European grain sacks that were full of texture—with beautiful handwoven, wonky stripes—that were just timeless and classic.

Then I discovered Moda toweling, and all my dreams came true. Happy days, this meant that I could make anything. Now I have the pleasure and joy of designing toweling fabric for Moda Fabrics.

Stay tuned for lots of interesting innovations and projects as new styles emerge. I love my job!

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