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Online Skat auf GameTwist – auf dem höchsten Niveau spielen! Skat ist bei uns nicht nur eines von vielen Spielen – das Game erfreut sich bei unseren Spielern​. Skat is a traditional German card game for three players played with a standard card deck, roughly years old. The game is based on Schafkopf, Ombre. Mit SkatGame kann man Skat online mit anderen Spielern und Skatprogrammen spielen. Skat ist ein populäres Kartenspiel für 3 Spieler das auf Stichen basiert. Ein Skatspiel besteht aus zwei Teilen: Dem Reizen und dem eigentlichen Spiel, indem es darum geht als Solist möglichst viele Punkte durch Stiche zu bekommen. Der Skat-Spieler hat beim Skat-Online-Spielen - wie auch bei anderen online Flashgames - die Möglichkeit, Skat gegen echte Gegner zu spielen. Bei der.

Skat Game

Mit SkatGame kann man Skat online mit anderen Spielern und Skatprogrammen spielen. Skat ist ein populäres Kartenspiel für 3 Spieler das auf Stichen basiert. GameNow-Skat ist für jeden eine echte Herausforderung. Egal ob Anfänger oder Profi! Dank des Lern- oder Forgeschrittenen-Modus finden auch Sie mit. Willkommen zum Skat-Spielen bei GameDuell! Hier, bei Deutschlands größter Spieleseite, können Sie mit nur wenigen Klicks mit dem Online-Skat-Spielen völlig. Skat Game

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It is therefore not possible in general to determine the exact game value before knowing the Skat. The game value is determined by the type of the game and the game level as explained below for the suit, grand and null games.

In a suit game German : Farbspiel , one of the four suits is the trump suit. Each suit has a base value German : Grundwert , as follows:.

This base value is then multiplied by the multiplier game level German : Spielstufe or Gewinngrad to determine the game value, so:. The multiplier game level of 1 for becoming declarer is always assumed.

It is then increased by one for each of the following:. In case of a Hand game declarer does not pick up the Skat , the following special cases are allowed.

Each one increases the multiplier game level by another point:. Cards in the trump suit are ordered as follows this is important to know when counting the length of the matador's jack straight :.

As mentioned above, the cards in the Skat are to be included when determining the multiplier game level also in case of the Hand game, where the Skat is unknown until after the deal has been played out.

During bidding, each player therefore has incomplete information regarding the true game value. The final game value is calculated by multiplying the base value for the suit by the multiplier game level:.

Grand game is a special case of suit game, in which only the Jacks are trumps in the same order as in the suit game:. The base value for the grand game is 24 in the official rules.

It used to be 20 until , and many hobbyists continued to use 20 well into the postwar era. All other rules for determining game value are as in a suit game, that is, the base value of 24 is multiplied by the multiplier game level.

In the null game, declarer promises not to take any tricks at all. There is no trump suit, 10s are sorted directly above 9s, and jacks are treated as normal suit cards sorted between 10 and queen.

Thus the cards are ordered: A-K-Q-J The game values of null games are fixed, as follows:. The following examples give a player's holding and the contents of the Skat which will be unknown to all players during the auction and explain how to derive the game value.

The multiplier game level will be 2 1 for matador's jack straight plus 1 for becoming declarer. Note that game value is dependent not only on the cards held including the Skat but also on which game is being declared and the outcome of the play.

Each holding can thus be evaluated differently by different players. A risk-taking player might be willing to declare Hand on a holding on which another player might not — these two players will therefore give different valuations to the same holding.

However, after all tricks have been played, it is always possible to determine the exact game value by combining the actual holding with the type of game and outcome of the play.

Only then it becomes apparent if declarer has won or lost if he overbid. Assuming a trump suit of hearts in a suit game, this holding will have a different valuation before and after the Skat has been examined.

With Hearts as trump, the game value will always be at least that much. Now, assuming declarer wins by taking 95 points in tricks, after having declared Hand and Schneider , the actual game value will be as follows:.

The player could have bid up to that value during the auction. Now for the special cases: if you think you can do more than just win, you can add points for the special cases.

The highest possible multiplier game level is that is with or without four jacks and all seven cards of trump suit including those in the Skat , if any 11, plus the maximum of 7 for becoming declarer, Hand , Schneider , declaring Schneider , Schwarz , declaring Schwarz and Ouvert.

The order of bidding is determined by the seating order. Starting from the left of the dealer players are numbered clockwise: the first seat German : Vorhand , the second seat German : Mittelhand and the third seat German : Hinterhand.

In a three-player game, the dealer will be the third seat. In a four-player game the third seat will be to the right of the dealer. Bidding starts by the player in second seat making a call to the player in first seat on which the latter can hold or pass.

If the first seat player holds, the second seat player can make a higher call or pass himself. This continues until either of the two players passes.

The player in third seat is then allowed to continue making calls to the player who has not yet passed. Bidding ends as soon as at least two players have passed.

It is also possible for all three players to pass. The player who continues in this mnemonic is either the dealer in a three-player game or the player in third seat.

The mnemonic is commonly used among casual players. Example: Anna, Bernard and Clara are playing, and seated in that order around the table.

Anna deals the cards. Clara makes the first call to Bernard, who passes right away. Anna then makes two more calls to Clara, who accepts both bids.

Anna then passes as well. The bidding ends, with Clara being the declarer for this round. Except for "pass", only the possible game values are legal calls.

Therefore, the lowest possible call is 18, which is the lowest possible game value in Skat. Players are free to skip intermediate values, although it is common to always pick the lowest available call while bidding.

The sequence of possible double digit game values, beginning with 18 is 18—20—22—23—24—27—30—33—35—36—40—44—45—46—48—50—54—55—59— triple digit bids are possible albeit rare in a competitive auction.

Also, numbers are frequently abbreviated by only calling the lower digit of a value not divisible by 10 e. As the German words for "null" and "zero" are identical, this yields the rather unintuitive sequence 18—20—2—0—4—7—30 and so on.

If all players pass, the hand is not played and the next dealer shuffles and deals. A dealer never deals twice in a row. It is common in informal play to play a variant of Skat called Ramsch junk, rummage instead of skipping the hand and dealing for the next one.

This is not part of the sanctioned rules, however. In a pass-out game, the player in first seat will be the last one to pass.

If that player intends to become declarer, however, he has to make a call of at least 18 picking up the Skat in that situation implies the call.

Players Anna, Bernard and Clara are seated in that order, clockwise; Anna is the dealer. The auction proceeds as follows:.

The winner of the auction becomes declarer. He will play against the other two players. Before the hand is played, declarer either.

After putting two cards back into the Skat , declarer then either declares a suit game by announcing a trump suit, declares a grand game or a null game.

If Hand has been declared, the player may make additional announcements such as Schneider , Schwarz and Ouvert. A common variant in non-sanctioned play allows the defenders to announce " Kontra " just before the first trick is played, if they have made or held at least one call.

In this case, the stakes will be doubled for the hand. In a less common further variation this process can be repeated twice more by announcing " Supra " and " Resupra " or more colloquially, " Bock " [ roe buck] and " Hirsch " [red deer] , or the like, which are colloquial augments of " Reh " roe deer.

The player in the first seat sitting to the left of the dealer leads to the first trick. The other two follow in clockwise direction. Every player plays one card to the trick, which is in the middle of the table.

The winner of a trick stacks the cards face down in front of him and leads to the next trick, which is again played clockwise. Completed tricks are kept face down in front of the players who won them, until all the cards have been played.

Examining completed tricks except for the last one is not allowed. The tricks of the two players who are playing together are put together, either during or after play.

If a player cannot follow suit, he may play any card including a trump card. Trumps, including all four jacks, count as a single suit.

If a trump is led, every player must also play trump, if he has any. If there are trump cards in the trick, the highest trump in it wins the trick.

If there are no trumps in it, the highest card of the suit led wins the trick. The non-trump suit cards rank in order AK-Q In the grand game, only the four jacks are trumps in the suit order given above for a regular suit game.

All other ranks are the same as in the regular suit game 10 is ranked just below the ace. There are thus five "suits" in the grand game if a jack is led to a trick, the other two players must play jacks too, if they have them.

The goal of a null game is for declarer not to take any tricks. If declarer takes a trick in a null game, he immediately loses and the game is scored right away.

Declarer may, unilaterally, concede a loss while he is holding at least nine cards i. Afterwards approval of at least one defender is required.

Defenders may concede at any time, but may be requested by declarer to complete the play e. Claiming of remaining tricks is possible as well, but for a defender only if she would be able to take the remaining tricks herself.

After the last trick has been played, the game is scored. Winning conditions for null game are different from suit and grand games. To win a suit or grand game, declarer needs at least 61 card points in his tricks.

If declarer announced Schneider , he needs at least 90 card points in order to win. The two cards in the Skat count towards declarer's tricks.

If declarer announced Schwarz , he must take all ten tricks in order to win. The highest-ranking cards for taking the tricks the jacks are not the highest scoring cards.

The aces and 10s combined make up almost three quarters of the total points; taking as many as possible of them is thus imperative for winning.

On the other hand, taking 7s, 8s and 9s the Luschen or blanks doesn't help or hurt at all, unless Schwarz was declared.

To win a null game, declarer must not take a single trick. There are no card points in a null game. Even with the majority in card points, declarer may still lose if the game value is lower than the value he bid during the auction.

This is called overbidding. An overbid hand is automatically lost, leading to a negative score for declarer. An overbid hand is scored by determining the lowest possible game value that is a multiple of the base value of declarer's suit or 24 in case of a grand which is at least as high as declarer's bid.

This value is then doubled and subtracted from declarer's score negative score. Unless they manage to play at least Schneider raising the game value to 36 , or make a game other than clubs with a game value of at least 30, the game will be lost.

They can try to minimize their loss by declaring a game in Hearts instead of Clubs base value 10 instead of The score is always assigned to the declarer positive or negative in the classical scoring system.

The score to be awarded is the actual game value. How high the player bid during the auction is immaterial, as long as the game value is at least as high as declarer's bid see Overbid Hands above.

Note that often the score will be higher than the auction value, because players typically do not bid as high as their hand would allow.

For a won game, that score is added to declarer's tally. For a lost game, the score is doubled and subtracted from declarer's tally negative score.

Until , lost Hand games did not count double, but this rule was dropped in that year. The reason was that in tournament play nearly all games played were Hand games.

You can connect and play with players from all over the world completely free. The social features of VIP Games provide players the ability to fully customize their profile, choose from different decks and table backgrounds, as well as create their own unique memories!

Skat was invented around in Altenburg Thuringia. The well-known card game is extremely social and requires concentration and strategy. The game consists of two phases: the Auction and the actual game.

Skat is considered one of the best three-player card games in the world. One of the most fascinating aspects of Skat is that the players have more options than just calling a trump suit.

This gives Skat its depth and variety. The main goal is to get as many points as possible. Skat is a game for three people.

The card game is played with a French or German suits of 32 cards and everyone receives 10 cards. Like the well-known French deck, the German deck also consists of four suits.

The dealer deals 3 cards to each player, 2 cards in the middle this is the Skat and then 4 cards to each player.

The player to the left of the dealer is the Forehand F , the player to the left of the forehand is the Middle hand M and the player to the left is the Rear hand H.

The Bidding point auction begins with F and M. The Bidding determines which player plays as the Declarer against the other two.

The bidding must start after the cards have been dealt. During the auction, players place bids to determine who will be the Declarer for the current hand.

A bid is a possible value of points that are available in the game. The lowest bid is 18 points. After the Declarer has won the bid, he may pick up the two skat cards and discard two cards again.

Then he can choose between the following game variants:.

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Card Game SKAT PC Kartenspiel SKAT PC Top Anzahl der Siege. Mit deinen Freunden und tausenden Spielern aus der ganzen Welt. Entdecke Board Game Arena. Dabei musst du jedoch aufpassen, dass du dich Casino Sp überreizt. Online spielen. Regole di gioco. Tägliche Top-Siege. Platin Liga. Bang Bang. Hier verraten wir dir einige Tricks, Echtgeld Slots App du deine Mitspieler ins Schwitzen bringst, egal ob du Skat-Anfänger oder ein echter Pro bist! Tägliche Top-Siege. Monatliche Top-Siege. Skat is a traditional German card game for three players played with a standard card deck, roughly years old. Skat Kostenlose Escapespiele. Tipp 3: Übung macht den Skat-Meister! Treues Premium-Mitglied. Computerspiele Kostenlos Downloaden uns. Erfahrener Guru. Erfahrener Sponsor. Tipp 2: Die richtige Spieleröffnung ist in Skat-Spielen Spielhalle Hagen Frohes neues Jahr. Bedeutender Spezialist. In Flammen. Asynchroner Spieler.

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Treues Premium-Mitglied. Neben der Regelkunde ist es wichtig, in Spielen möglichst viel Erfahrung zu sammeln, um Runde für Runde besser zu werden. Jetzt spielen Neuigkeiten 0. Skat de. Hilfe Was ist Board Game Arena? In Casino Club Essen four-player game the third seat will be to Novoline Games Download Android right of the dealer. Great app and very addictive once you have the rules figured out. At first, this seems to Spiele Esel not too difficult, since the other players will initially try to take as few tricks as possible and to get Southpark Gane of their high-ranking cards. Value of the Game. This is not part of the sanctioned rules, however. This variation is very widely played in social games. Willkommen zum Skat-Spielen bei GameDuell! Hier, bei Deutschlands größter Spieleseite, können Sie mit nur wenigen Klicks mit dem Online-Skat-Spielen völlig. Skat Game ist eine App mit der man mit anderen Spielern oder mit Skatprogrammen zu spielen. Zur Zeit sind XSkat (schnell aber eher schwach) und die. Online-Shopping mit großer Auswahl im Games Shop. GameNow-Skat ist für jeden eine echte Herausforderung. Egal ob Anfänger oder Profi! Dank des Lern- oder Forgeschrittenen-Modus finden auch Sie mit. Skat Game

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